Field Service Plus

About Field Service Plus

Low-code Field Service solution with a plus.

Enabling your service technicians while putting your customer first. At 2G, this is our focus in developing Field Service Plus. We combine our modules with partner services and guarantee a product that will differentiate your organization in the Field Service Market. Field Service Plus is not industry bound and configurable for all organizations that work with service technicians.

FS+ offers flexible solutions for carrying out service orders of all types and sizes. It is possible to configure multiple order types with their own phases, statuses, status transitions, and options for communication. This supports backoffice personnel in optimal organization and scheduling of orders that need preparation and aftercare activities.

Field Service Plus is the only low-code Field Service solution on the market and is developed on the Mendix Platform. We make use of dedicated Azure App Services for the Field Service market. Because of this, FS+ is flexibly configurable and allows for customization to the needs of your organization. The flexible design of FS+ allows for seamless integrations or expansions and thus scalability.  At 2G, we call this the ‘grow-as-you-go’ concept.

For the integration of FS+ with other systems we use the secure and scalable integration hub on the Azure platform. This allows us to connect your organization’s ERP, Financial or other systems to FS+  so that all necessary data for your processes can be used.

Onderscheidende Field Service Plus concept


✓ Superior client communication
✓ Superior quality
✓ Innovative services
✓ Vigorously differentiate

Verbinden met de wereld om u heen


✓ To your client
✓ Backoffice with service technicians
✓ Through integrating systems
✓ Through an FS+ partnership

Groei mee met de markt


✓ Grow along with market trends
✓ A subscription to innovation

Vrijheid in flexibiliteit


✓ A flexible solution
✓ Integration to all systems
✓ Innovation and continuity

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