Field Service Plus

Integrated maps

In the map module it is possible to add your own map layers to support your business processes. For example, it is possible to get a good overview of the locations of your assets on the map.

In the map module you have a good overview of where the field engineers are currently located, and whether they are on the road, on location or waiting.

Using FS+ you can map all your assets on the map, these can be retrieved from your current application, added via FS+ or imported.

Get an overview of all work orders on the map. Hovering your mouse over this will give you a quick view of the customer details and assignment information.

FS+ offers the possibility to link various Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This allows you, for example, to select an area as a filter through geofencing.

On the map it is possible to show the routes of the different field technicians.

Through various filters you can display the elements that are useful to you. For example, filter by area, field engineers or work orders.

Mobile App

Our app is developed for IOS and Android devices.

The mobile app supports working offline so you can always complete your work orders, even without coverage.

In the app, the field engineer can quickly and easily view an overview of the assigned work orders.

All addresses of job locations are accessible through the app. This allows the field engineer to quickly navigate to his location through the integration with Google Maps.

The fielder can use the app to report whether he is at the customer’s, on the road or waiting. This is visible for the backoffice, allowing a quick response to situations. 

The field engineer can quickly view manuals of an asset when working on a task. 

Through pre-configured wizards, field engineers are assisted in completing their assignment properly, ensuring you that nothing is forgotten.

In the mobile app it is possible to apply authorization through digital signatures of your field engineer and customer.

The field engineer can send a text message or email to the customer using the app, even when something changes. This way, the customer always stays informed.

Sometimes it is useful to be able to quickly add a photo or another file to an order to get a complete image of the situation. This is possible in the app for work orders, inspections or damages.

It is possible to make an immediate report of anything the field engineer encounters while working. Whether this is a failure, observation or damage report. As a result, a report is immediately registered properly in FS+.

With the integrated barcode scanner, information can be retrieved directly from a registered asset. This allows the history of an asset to be quickly retrieved and associated manuals to be viewed.

In the app, it is possible to record your consumed materials on a work order.

Old work orders can be retrieved via the app, so the history of a customer or asset can be accessed quickly.

Planbord FS+

Schedule effectively

With the help of the planning board you plan the work orders in a visual way. Via drag-and-drop you can drag the work orders on the plan board to the desired field engineer, at the desired time.

Through the integration with PTV, planning is done automatically based on locations and skills. This allows for the most optimal routes to be calculated.

For each field engineer it is possible to set work schedules or schedule free moments. The planning board takes this into account when planning work orders.

By filtering by region, you can easily schedule work orders in a specific area.

The planning board gives you a quick overview of which field engineers are available for a work order and whether this fits in terms of travel time.

Travel times to and from an work order location are calculated automatically. 

Through various filters you can display the elements that are useful to you. You can, for example, filter by area, field engineers or work orders.


Work order management

With FS+, you can easily and quickly process your work orders. It is also possible to create or retrieve work orders from an existing application.

Create multiple SLAs and add an SLA to a work order. The dashboard quickly shows which work orders are in danger of exceeding the SLA.

Wizards make it even easier for your field engineer to handle his work orders. The steps of the wizards can be adapted to your business processes or even type of order. 

In FS+ we make use of forms. These can be used, for example, to create a claim report by the field engineer. The forms can be fully customized to your organization’s needs.

After processing a work order, a generated PDF can be sent to the customer automatically covering all information of the work order.

In FS+, it is possible to set up repeating work orders that are automatically created at a desired time interval.

Through various filters you can display the elements that are useful to you. You can, for example, filter by area, field engineers or work orders.


Task and forms

Create tasks and assign them to users. This way you ensure that all follow-up actions are carried out properly. Examples include managing a delivery process or signaling when a field message or completed form requires a follow-up action.

By using forms, you can properly record miscellaneous events. For example, you can use the forms for evaluating an order, conducting an audit or a customer satisfaction survey. These forms can be linked to a work order if necessary. The forms can be customized entirely to your organization’s needs

Completed forms can be generated easily and exported into a PDF or Word file.

Through various filters you can display the elements that are useful to you. You can, for example, filter on user, status or date.

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